The denim industry has faced some challenges in recent years, having to compete with other fashion brands. But denim is about to make a comeback. The denim market will become more competitive by the end of the year, which means innovation can play a key role. And if you are smart, you won’t be waiting, but taking the lead. Get more insights into the current market in our denim market report.

The denim industry: from difficult years to growing sales

In recent years, the jeans industry has had a rough time, with 2015 and 2016 being the most difficult years. With athleisure being at its peak, retailers, department stores and online stores saw dips in their denim assortments.

But data shows that denim sales started growing again about 1.5 years ago. And they are still growing today. It was the luxury market that saw the first growth in 2017. And with denim trends being introduced on the luxury market, this inevitably means the same trends will be spreading soon and will be taken over by the mass market.

Market research is showing that in the US and UK, retailers got 42% more denim products in stock for this third quarter of the year, compared to the same time last year. There are no other fashion products, except for leggings, that are growing with this pace at the moment and the average price point of jeans has increased.

So if you want to take advantage of what is happening in the market right now and be innovative, take close look at the denim trends in 2018.

Denim trends of 2018

Skinny jeans still form the core for retailers when it comes to jeans. The most favourite model of the last years is still going strong, being 58% of all women’s jeans. But other styles have risen in popularity too in the last three months. The wide leg, with a wide silhouette and showing the ankles, has been selling very well this summer. And the flare jeans have been in the top of the best-selling products. Not many new arrivals in this style have been seen so far, so there is an opportunity for brands to experiment with the flare jeans.

And obviously, denim is not only about jeans. Sales of different denim clothing pieces, such as jackets, shorts and skirts, have grown with 12% already in the last month, thanks to the revival of 90s fashion. The biggest growing category in denim has been outerwear. In the last two years, sales have grown with 101%. The cropped or oversized denim jackets with zippers are very popular this fall.

Forecasts for the denim market are looking good. There are still a lot of possibilities in denim clothing when it comes to innovating, helping retailers to reach a premium price point.