Our support systems


We can support you both creatively and in design, matching you with experienced designers that can add value and quality to a brand. Specialised in denim, these designers can work with you to ensure brand loyalty and direction is paramount.


ECommerce and an online presence is almost as important as the product itself. We can create an entire platform and strategy, that works to feed consumers back to buying your product from every touchpoint.


A production chain that is both efficient and well managed is key to an expanding brand. We can help pinpoint exactly what kind of supply chain and logistics are in order to make for the most cost effective production.


With insider knowledge and a strict code of sustainable methodology at our fingertips we can help elevate your brand to be seen and respected by global leaders in sustainability.


Informing the wider media will get your brand to the next level in terms of influence and sales. That’s why marketing is a main focus for TBI. With a wide network of influencers and experienced press your brand can create a name for itself in no time. A well structured strategic marketing plan is always top priority.


In order to create strategic plans for the future, your brand or business will need data about the market, product and its customers. This information needs to be gathered and analysed to support strategic decisions that will determine your brand’s future. With a wide range of resources in our knowledge bank, we can provide you edge over your competition and predict future trends to make you a market leader.


With a large network consisting of specialists, manufacturers, suppliers and potential clients nothing is beyond reach. This ‘little black book’ of support can provide you partnerships, investor relations and collaborations that will help in both growth and support.

Investment Opportunities & Relations

Finance is a necessary trade to making a business go beyond borders. We give the service of financial counsel and investment contacts to create a solid business plan and work on growing your business. Investing in products, marketing and staff is a good way to guarantee every success.


Behind every great business is a mentor who has done it all before. The mentors from TBI will train you to lead you brand and provide all the knowledge classes in all manner of the trade.

Technology & Machinery

With a capacity to manufacture 250 million metres of denim a year we have the industry services you need to provide you large or small scale production. A grade technology and equipment is at our disposal. And if we cannot use the equipment we have on hand, we can create financial means and build the facilities needed to make sure your brand is constantly evolving.

Brand Collaborations

When needed, we can advise and introduce brand collaborations that will both support and nurture your brand with like-minded goals. A great way to launch an upcoming brand, collaborating is a brand puzzle we are happy to piece together.


A close collaboration between your business and our consulting team will result in a personal way of working together. Your business will be analysed and plans will be made to make the business more efficient and productive well into the future.

Scaling Up

Upscaling is a delicate matter where everything has to fit in place. Every business works differently and every special need has to be analysed thoroughly before investing in something that will make cash flow work and profits to grow. All scenarios need to be assessed and managed throughout the process in order for a smooth operation to up or down scale according to your brands needs.

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