We provide value and growth to venturing and emerging brands

Via an innovative entrepreneurial and digital approach tailored to each individual business.

Our support pillars


We assess every new and emerging business individually to create a customised program of support based on its potential


We encourage, nurture and strengthen business development through mentoring, aiding and advising with industry knowledge


We create value to business though support in design, production and scale programs

Our support systems


  • Branding
  • Events
  • Press Relations
  • Brand Exposure
  • Workshop Events
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  • Design
  • Sustainabillity
  • Mentoring
  • Technologies and Machinery
  • Brand Collaborations
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  • Partnerships
  • Injections
  • Digitalising
  • ECommerce
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Scaling Up
  • Acquisitions
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  • Management teams
  • Data Management
  • Trends & Reports
  • Retail & ECommerce Development
  • Legal Council
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • KPIs and Planning
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The Business Incubator Process

1. Assess

Dive into the details to best understand brand motivations and business potential

2. Create

Shape insights into innovative mentoring and growth plans

3. Incubate

Transform plans and ideas into brand and business reality

4. Support

Apply sourcing strategies and development framework that moves brands into functioning businesses

5. Scale

Expand the business to capitalise on opportunities on a global scale

The Business Incubator Core Values


We want to share our industry expertise and network with new and emerging brands


We believe in working in a sustainable, ethical way to create globally conscious business


We know about all aspects of the industry, because we are part of the industry


We believe every brand is different and take an innovative approach to every one of them


We can predict how a brand and business will develop and make strategic plans to enable its growth

Value Driven

We focus on collaborating and supporting brands that create impact in more than just monetary terms

The Business Incubator Insights

7.5 Billion

The amount of denim fabric in ft and inches produced every single year

$3,000 trillion

The amount the global textile and garment industry (including textile, clothing, footwear and luxury fashion) is currently worth

57.8 million

The number of people employed around the world in the textiles and clothing industry in 2017


The increase in Google search for sustainable fashion in 2017

14 Countries

The amount of countries our global experts have eyes and ears in

2 years

The amount of time trends and forecasters can predict ahead in fashion

500 billion

The amount of t shirts predicted by the Boston Consultancy Group, to be consumed in the year 2030

7 times

The amount of times the average woman will wear a garment before throwing it away

News & Industry updates

September 21, 2018

Online shopping just isn’t playing to the strengths of retailer Zara

This month, Credit Suisse analyst Simon Irwin previewed Inditex, the biggest fashion group in the world and owner of flagship store Zara. Irwin concluded that online shopping just isn’t playing…
September 21, 2018

Is fashion being reduced to objects rather than outfits?

Looking at the latest financial figures in the fashion industry, a lot of luxury brands are doing really well right now. But many people seem to overlook the fact that…
September 20, 2018

Denim market & trend report 2018

The denim industry has faced some challenges in recent years, having to compete with other fashion brands. But denim is about to make a comeback. The denim market will become…

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